Nextus Capital seeks to acquire and reposition assets through optimization of operational inefficiencies, engaging in moderate-to-extensive renovations and implementing a complete rebranding strategy. We strive to continuously position ourselves as a boutique and firm with a dynamic approach to multifamily investing that allows for versatile investment sourcing, deal structuring, strategy execution and asset management.

Nextus Capital is a highly focused portfolio investment and asset manager with the capability and skill sets to modify to investor preferences. Our model takes a fiduciary approach to the acquisitions and management of its multifamily assets and investment opportunities. Our process is built on sound investment principles as well as an intelligent and comprehensive approach to each aspect of the investment process. From market research and deal sourcing through disposition and exit, Nextus Capital prioritizes the value of attention to detail and takes an assertive approach to investment and asset management with each of its partners–which mandates the expedited de-risking of investment and disciplined value creation of the assets and within the capital structure.

The Nextus Capital investment team will at all times leverage its resources to govern each investment with an owner and fiduciary perspective so that proceeds are tactically and strategically maximized from acquisition through disposition.